Credential Application Procedure

The following steps are for ANYONE interested in obtaining first-time credentials:

  • STEP 1: Fill out Get started form


    Once we have received your form the credentialing office will review your information to see what is needed to begin your process. Please allow two weeks for processing. 

  • sTEP 2: Educational REQUIREMENTS

    All applicants must meet the appropriate educational requirements for the level of credentials being sought.  Educational requirements can be met through a variety of customizable training venues.


    After completing the necessary education requirements.

    All, but two courses must be completed before beginning the application process, applicants will receive the first half of the application packet and related forms.  The following items must be received at our office in order to proceed: 1) the General Council application, 2) application fee 3) authorization forms, 4) background check disclosure, and 5) an acceptable report from the General Council required background/credit check, and 6) a current color photograph.  Once these items are received, applicants will be sent the remaining parts of the application packet which includes a letter of explanation for the level of credentials recommended, reference forms, exam synopsis, and relational meeting information.?

    Deadlines for completing the application packet are

    July Interviews: the application received on or before June 1

    OctoberInterviews: the application received on or before September 1

    January Interviews: the application received on or before December 1


    All applicants must complete the required General Council exam for each level prior to a credentialing interview. A study Guide for the exam will be provided.

  • Step 5: Screening Committee Review

    Each application file will be examined by a Screening Committee. Upon the report of the committee, you may receive a letter of invitation to meet with the Credentials Interview Committee.

  • Step 6: Credential Interview

    Interviews times are scheduled for the months of January, July, and October.  Following the credentials interview, the Network Presbytery will vote and make a recommendation to the General Council Credentials Committee in regard to the granting of credentials.  Credentials will be effective upon General Council approval.

    If you have questions related to this procedure, please contact