October 28,2020 Update

God bless you, and I pray that you are healthy and well!

I am writing to inform you about a time-sensitive decision made by our presbytery at yesterday's meeting. As the presbyters conversed about logistics and COVID-19 mitigation steps for our upcoming Network Council, we became increasingly aware that there is no consensus among our constituency about how to navigate best the COVID-19 situation and the increasing virus case count in the state of Iowa. 

Out of a desire to pursue unity and celebrate growth and celebrate our credential holders in the way that we traditionally celebrate them, we decided to postpone our November business meeting and credentialing service until April. We greatly hope we will be able to gather in our traditional format and celebrate with a fuller and more inclusive gathering. 

This postponement was a difficult decision, and I recognize that this postponement may bring some disappointment and inconvenience. But, I want to encourage you that God is alive and at work in our network and that his kingdom work is continuing through our Iowa churches!

To that end, we will be recommending that our local churches publically honor new credential holders in their congregations in addition to our celebration of them at next year's Network Council. 

Additionally, even though we will not be holding a traditional Network Council, I and our presbytery will be communicating with you further about some important network updates before our virtual sectional caucuses in November. At our caucuses, we will take time to dialogue and answer your questions about network updates.

I am so thankful for you, and I look forward to connecting with you at our sectional caucuses!

Happy to help.
If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to your Sectional Presbyter.

Virtual Sectional Caucus

Northwest Section - Monday, November 16, 2020 @ 11AM

North Central Section - Monday, November 16,2020 @ 1PM

Northeast Section - Tuesday, November 17,2020 @ 11AM

Southwest Section - Tuesday, November 17,2020 @1PM

Capital Section - Wednesday, November 18, 2020 @ 11AM

South Central Section - Wednesday, November 18,2020 @ 1PM

Southeast Section - Thursday, November 19, 2020 @ 11AM

This years Sectional Caucus will be held virtually via Zoom. You will also need to download Vox Vote in order to vote. 

If you did not receive the meeting ID and password for your section's virtual caucus please contact us here.

Certified Candidates

Tracy Auerbach

Shelby Chizek

Douglas Fidler

Sandra Greenwalt

Jonathan Griffin

Catalina Matias

Renee McGinty

Razzy Ragusi

Rochelle Ragusi

Tarra Stangl

Jeffrey Yohe


Jacob Cowart

Angela Gidley

Christian Hines

Tamara Leathers

Derek Quinby

Wendy Schulz

Ashley Sommars

Samantha Theis

Sara Woodcock

Austin Young

Ordination Candidates

  • Abby Anderson

    Type content here...

  • Susan Bales

    Type content here...

  • Daniel Batige

    Type content here...

  • Tania Castillo

    Type content here...

  • Matthew DeSmidt

    Type content here...


    Type content here...


    Type content here...


    Type content here...


    Type content here...

  • mindy rowe

    Type content here...


    Type content here...

  • SCOTT Schick

    Type content here...

  • ALISSA & Curtis Trulson

    Type content here...

Important Business session Information

During the business sessions, we will be using the electronic voting app: VoxVote.

Prior to Council, please download VoxVote to your mobile device. If you have any questions regarding the app please call our office.

To Download VOX Vote: 

Zoom information

We will only send the Zoom Meeting link to those who are registered for the virtual business meeting. That information will be sent out, via the email you provide on registration, the week prior to Network Council as well as the day of Network Council.

To download Zoom:

To open a Zoom Link: 

To connect video and audio: