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When Jesus spoke, He created a culture so important that those words are recorded in red. Red Culture exists not to change culture, but to create a new culture inspired by Jesus' words.

Red Culture exists to equip and encourage the local church and her leadership to create a culture that will cultivate the gifts of the next generation and empower them to stand upon our shoulders. Through strategic leadership initiatives, events, experiences, training, coaching, community outreach and mission, we are partnering with the local church to invest in the next generation.

Red Culture youth hosts Fine Arts Conference each April, Fall Conference each November, and Camp each June.

Speed the Light (STL) is the missions giving and discipleship arm of Red Culture.

Filled | A 4-Week Speed The Light Series


The Paradox of the Kingdom is that we are FILLED as we POUR

What do you want to be FILLED WITH? (What do you need from God?) 

What are you willing to POUR OUT? (What are you willing to give God?) 


Have your students set both individual and a group goal for the 4 weeks. 


We have provided a 4-week series about people in the Bible who were FILLED as they POURED

  • The Widow’s Coins
  • The Feeding of the 5000
  • Elisha and the widow
  • The Macedonian Church


Encourage students to use the hashtag #IWillPour on social media to share ways they are raising money by pouring out so that others might be filled. 


On the final night of the series, have students bring their jars. At the conclusion of the message, have them bring their jars to the front and pour them into the large jar. As they do, this would be a great time to have a prayer time for the miracle they are believing for in their life (Connect the pouring to the filling). 


Bring your large jars to youth convention. We are believing God for us to be FILLED with God’s power as we POUR OUT to Him.

2016 STL videos

Build A Bigger Table

Download this four-week Speed the Light sermon series from David Hertweck.

Four Weeks.

Four Tables.

For Others.

Sermon Notes


Red Culture Students Leadership Team

The Red Culture Students leadership team is made up of individuals leading student ministry at the local church level. For information about camps and events, contact the Iowa Ministry Network office at (515)276.5493 or

  • DAve Watson

    Lead Pastor | First A/G | WAshington, IA

    (319)653.3749 |

    Pastor Dave is a great resource for activity and game ideas, and Speed the Light fundraising strategies.

  • Justin Wirtz

    Student Ministries Pastor | Berean A/G | Pleasant Hill, IA

    (515)262.9531 |

    Pastor Justin is a great resource for creative ideas and approaches to youth ministry and programming for large and small group settings.