7       Registration

7:30  Opening Service

10      Late Night*


8       Coffee*

8:30  Morning Session

10      Breakout : Youth/ Children/ Chi Alpha

11       Group Session

11:45  Lunch

1:30   Closing Service

3:30  Dismiss

*Special thanks to Trinity Bible College and Graduate School for providing food for late night, and Eurasia cafe for providing coffee

Breakaway Schedule

February 16

6:00 PM            Registration Begins

7:30 PM            Pinewood Derby Early Registration

8:30 PM            Welcome Service

10:30 PM           Star Watching

February 17

6:30 AM            Coffee @ Snack Shack (adults only)

7:45 AM             Breakfast

8:30 AM             Service

10:00 AM           Activities

12:00 PM            Lunch

1:00 PM              Activities

4:00 PM             Awards/upcoming events

5:00 PM             Dinner/Dismissal

More Information


Sunstream Retreat Center

1130 Juneberry Rd. 

Ogden, Iowa


Early Bird Rate (Postmarked by February 2nd): $45 per person ($40 for 2 or more family members)

Regular Rate: $55 per person

Informational Packet & Registration Form PDF

Dream Schedule


6:00 PM          Registration

6:30 PM          Pre-Service Mayhem

7:00 PM          Dream #1

8:30 PM          Room Time/Prep for Party

9:00 PM          Late Night 80's Party

11:00 PM          Lights Out


8:00 AM         Breakfast

8:30 AM         Free Time/Load Out

9:00 AM         Pre-Service Mayhem

9:15 AM          Dream #2

10:15 AM         Discovery Zones

12:00 PM         Lunch

1:00 PM           Dream #3

2:00 PM          Dismiss

Speaker- Terry parkman

Terry is the NextGen Pastor at River Valley Church as well as the Director of River Valley Leadership Institute. His heartbeat is for this “emerging generation” of youth and young adults and helping them to discover their purpose, developing them as leaders, and empowering them to step out into the plan of God for their lives. He lives in the Minneapolis-metro area with his wife Christina and his daughter Avalie. 

Worship- Red Culture Band

SYC & Fine arts festival SCHEDULE

Friday, April 6

6:00 PM                          Registration Opens

7:00 PM                          Red Culture #1

9:15 PM                           Fine Arts

10:30 PM                        Dodgeball Tournament

Saturday, April 7

8:00 AM                         Red Culture #2 (STL Service)

10:00 AM- 3:30 PM        Fine Arts

3:30 PM                          Red Culture #3

4:30 PM                          Fine Arts Celebration

5:00 PM                         Dismiss

Red Culture Team

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