ISOM registration first begins with completing an enrollment form. This information is required for each student and only has to be filled out once. There is a one-time, non-refundable, enrollment fee of $25 that must be paid at the time of enrollment. 

Enrollment Form

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ISOM online class registration is required for each class.  Register for each class as soon as possible to enable you to adequately prepare. Make sure to complete all reading assignments and course work per the course syllabus.

Online Registration


  • There is a registration fee of $80 per class per person that must be paid at the time of registration. The discount registration fee of $64 for the spouse of a student who desires to take the same class during the same session. 
  • An additional $15 per person late fee that will be assessed if registering less than 4 weeks prior to scheduled ISOM class.

Group Rate:

5-9 individuals = $65 each

10-14 individuals = $60 each

15+ individuals = $55 each

  • No spousal rates apply with the group rate.
  • Individuals applying with group rate must all attend the same church.
  • All registrations must be submitted together.
  • Individuals with group rate are not required to attend the same course but must attend the same ISOM session to qualify for group rate.

Paper Forms:


Audit Form