Camp Promo

Teen Camp 1 Poster

Teen Camp 2 Poster

Teen Camp 3 Poster

Kids Camp 1 Poster

Kids Camp 2 Poster



More Camp Promotional Materials, including media slides and videos are available on the Red Culture Google Drive.


Please have your church's camp coordinator connect with Kirsten before starting the online registration process. 

Click HERE to schedule a phone meeting with Kirsten.

Camp Forms

Lice Check Form

Code of Conduct/Parental Authorization Form 

     - Campers only

     - For 2018, the Code of Conduct Form will need a pastoral signature

Pastoral Approval Form

     - Counselors only

       - Kids Camp Counselors must be 16 year of age or older

     - Jr. High Track Counselors for Teen Session 1 must be 18 years of age or   older

     - Teen Camp Counselors must be 22 years of age or older

Packing List

Registration Instructions

     - Have not attended Red Culture Camp in past 2 years

Registration Instructions

     - Have attended Red Culture Camp in past 2 years